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EverCuts I've been a regular Evernote user since 2014. Many people in this category have developed a love-hate relationship with it.
The latest thing which has been bugging me is a lack of keyboard shortcuts in the web version. Desktop versions, which I haven't used in over a year (because they lack support for Linux) always had keyboard shortcuts.
I searched the web for some way of adding shortcuts and only found support for the old version of Evernote's web interface. So I solved the problem myself. I present to you EverCuts, a dead simple chrome extension which adds the most needed shortcuts IMO. Install the extension here.
 Action  Keyboard Shortcut  Search Notes  ALT + Q Toggle Fullscreen ALT + P  Open note in new tab ALT + T Open Delete note dialog ALT + Delete  Move Note Not set by default Open note in new window ALT + Click
 Copy Note Internal LinkNot set by default Previous NoteNot set by default Next NoteNot set by default

EverCuts works by reg…