I've been a regular Evernote user since 2014. Many people in this category have developed a love-hate relationship with it.

The latest thing which has been bugging me is a lack of keyboard shortcuts in the web version. Desktop versions, which I haven't used in over a year (because they lack support for Linux) always had keyboard shortcuts.

I searched the web for some way of adding shortcuts and only found support for the old version of Evernote's web interface. So I solved the problem myself. I present to you EverCuts, a dead simple chrome extension which adds the most needed shortcuts IMO. Install the extension here.

 Action     Keyboard Shortcut 
 Search Notes   ALT + Q
 Toggle Fullscreen  ALT + P 
 Open note in new tab ALT + T
 Open Delete note dialog   ALT + Delete 
 Move Note Not set by default
 Open note in new window ALT + Click
 Copy Note Internal Link Not set by default
 Previous Note Not set by default
 Next Note Not set by default

EverCuts works by registering chrome commands which are triggered by keyboard shortcuts without having to inject JavaScript into the webpage. Visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts to configure these shortcut triggers. For ALT+Click actions I need to inject JavaScript into the webpage which listens for click events. When a click event happens, we confirm it is an Alt+Click then search for the noteID. If we find a noteID we open that corresponding note in a new window.

The extension is only active when the active tab is www.evernote.com.